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Apr. 30, 2020

The ball check valve in our daily life is very common, today I will lead you to learn what is the ball check valve, the structure, and principle of the ball check valve, the advantages of a ball check valve.

check valve

What is a ball check valve

The check valve also is known as a reverse flow valve, reverse check valve, back pressure valve, one-way valve. This kind of valve is by the flow of the medium itself in the pipeline to generate the force and automatically open and close belongs to an automatic valve.

The spherical check valve is a kind of check valve with multi-ball, multi-channel, multi-cone inverted fluid structure, mainly composed of the front and rear valve body, rubber ball, cone body, and so on.

Spherical check valve structure and working principle

The spherical check valve is a multi-ball, multi-channel, multi-cone inverted fluid structure of the check valve, mainly by the front and rear valve body, ball, cone body, etc.

Its working principle is the rubber ball in the ball cover for a short roll to achieve valve opening and closing. When the pump starts, the water under the action of pressure punch open the rubber ball, make the rubber ball roll to the right side, from the conical body in the back of the valve to fix its position, check valve open; After the pump stops, due to the backwater pressure in the piping system, the rubber ball is forced to roll to the left front valve body to achieve the closure of check seal. The rubber ball is made of a hollow steel ball, and the rubber with good elasticity can not only ensure the sealing but also reduce the damage to the pipeline system in the process of closing the valve. The cone body with hole plays a fixed role on the steel ball when the valve opens and eliminates the pressure of the contact area between the rubber ball and the cone body, so that the contact is surface contact, and reduces the hydraulic loss caused by the vibration of the rubber ball in the valve body.

check valve

Advantages of ball check valves

(1) long service life, stable operation, safe and reliable, good sealing performance;

(2) small resistance coefficient. Because of the spherical valve, water flows almost straight through the valve body;

(3) good shock absorption effect, the water quality requirements are not strict.

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