Globe Valve Related Knowledge

Dec. 18, 2019

Many people may not have heard the name of the globe valve, and it feels very strange. In fact, this product is a relatively important classification in valves. It can be widely used as a control switch in the production or transportation of some liquids, gases and other fluids. The overall sealing performance is very strong. So what are the characteristics of a globe valve? What aspects should you pay attention to during installation? The supplier of Stainless Steel Thread Globe Valve will introduce the relevant information about globe valve.

First, what is the working principle of a globe valve?

The key to differentiating this valve from other valve products is the opening and closing module. The opening and closing module of the globe valve is a plug-shaped disc. The structure of the entire plane of the disc is either a plane or a conical surface. When working, the valve is pulled out or plugged into the pipe diameter through the rotating rod connected to the switch, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling liquid and gas flow.

Globe Valve

Globe Valve

Second, what are the characteristics of this product?

Unlike products like API602 Forged Steel Gate Valve, in addition to the full opening and closing of the pipe diameter, the globe valve can also regulate the internal flow medium. With the development of science and technology, many electronic globe valves have appeared today, and its features are more obvious: the operation is very simple, the practicability is very strong, and the maintenance and disassembly are relatively simple.

Finally, what should you pay attention to when installing the globe valve?

Ordinary shut-off valve products do not have high requirements on the position during installation, and can basically be installed in any part of the pipeline, as long as it is convenient for workers to operate; accessories such as handles should be adjusted when adjusting and cannot be lifted. 

The globe valve is a compulsory sealed valve, so when the valve is closed, pressure must be applied to the disc to force the sealing surface to not leak. When the medium enters the valve from below the valve disc, the resistance that the operating force needs to overcome is the friction between the valve stem and the packing and the thrust generated by the pressure of the medium. The diameter must be large, otherwise the valve top bending failure will occur. In recent years, after the emergence of self-sealing valves, the medium flow direction of the shut-off valve has changed from the upper part of the valve disc into the valve cavity. At this time, under the action of the medium pressure, the force to close the valve is small, and the force to open the valve is large. The diameter can be reduced accordingly. At the same time, this type of valve is also tight under the action of the medium. China's valve "three transformations" has stipulated that the flow direction of the shut-off valve will always be used from top to bottom.

When the shut-off valve is opened, the opening height of the valve flap is 25% ~ 30% of the nominal diameter, and the flow has reached the maximum, indicating that the valve has reached the fully open position. Therefore, the fully open position of the shut-off valve should be determined by the stroke of the disc.

In addition, Handwheel Forged Steel Gate Valve Manufacturer can also share the precautions for the installation and maintenance of globe valves:

1. Stop valves operated by handwheels and handles can be installed at any position in the pipeline.

2. Handwheel, handle and rotating mechanism are not allowed for lifting.

3. The flow direction of the medium should be consistent with the direction of the arrow shown on the valve body.

4. Regularly check the seal.

The above is the relevant information about the shut-off valve, I hope to help everyone.

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