How To Choose A Gate Valve Manufacturer?

Dec. 21, 2019

Gate Valve is the most widely used type of valve. Gate valve refers to the valve that the closing piece moves along the vertical direction of the channel axis. It is mainly used to cut off the medium on the pipeline, that is, fully open or fully closed. It is rarely used for regulating flow.

The most commonly used gate valves are flat gate valves and wedge gate valves. Let's briefly analyze the flat gate valve and wedge gate valve.

The flat gate valve is a sliding valve with a parallel gate. The closing member can be a single shutter or a double shutter with a spreading mechanism in between. The pressing force of the gate to the valve seat is controlled by the medium pressure acting on the floating gate or the valve seat. If it is a double gate flat gate valve, the spreading mechanism between the two gates can supplement this pressing force.

Gate Valve

Gate Valve

Wedge gate valve is a kind of gate valve. It is named because its sealing surface is at an angle to the vertical centerline, that is, the two sealing surfaces are wedge-shaped. The opening and closing part of the wedge gate valve is a gate. The movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the fluid direction. The wedge gate valve can only be fully opened and fully closed, which is unsuitable for adjustment and throttling. The wedge gate valve generally opens and closes the valve by moving the stem up and down with the rotating handwheel. There are two types of open-rod wedge gate valve and dark-rod wedge gate valve. The open stem wedge gate valve moves the valve stem up and down, and the stem nut is fixed. The dark stem gate valve is fixed by the stem, and the stem nut has been moved up and down to complete opening and closing.

The gate valve is a very important necessity in daily life and production. Domestic water production companies, oil and gas companies and other daily production often see the existence of this product. From the introduction of gate valve products in foreign countries to the emergence of professional manufacturers in China, there have been a lot of uneven manufacturers during the decades of development. So which aspects should be paid special attention when selecting gate valve manufacturers? Next Handwheel Forged Steel Gate Valve Manufacturer will come to tell you.

First, it depends on the qualification of the manufacturer

Although the gate valve has a wide range of applications from the current market situation, it also has more and more functions, and the maturity of the entire industry is gradually increasing. But if you want to enter this industry, there are certain thresholds for producing better products. When selecting a gate valve manufacturer, we must first pay attention to its qualifications. In addition to the most basic license certificates, it is necessary to learn more about their qualifications or certificates in terms of products.

Second, learn more about the overall situation of the enterprise

The market is the fairest referee. The market uses time as the runway, and the customers in the industry are used to eliminate or praise manufacturers in the industry. This cannot be changed by anyone. When selecting a gate valve manufacturer, you can comprehensively understand the length of time it has been established and the market response. These can help you choose a good supplier.

Third, the price cannot be ignored

A good gate valve manufacturer must be able to provide the best products, the best service, and the most suitable price. Price is definitely a factor that cannot be avoided in the selection of supply units. Price cannot be used as the core of evaluation, but the role of price in purchasing activities must not be ignored.

The above is the Duplex Stainless Steel Ball Valve Manufacturer introduces how to purchase the gate valve. The box can help everyone.

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