What Are The Characteristics Of The Stainless Steel Ball Valve Structure?

Aug. 31, 2019

Here is a professional Handwheel Thread Gate Valve Supplier talking about the characteristics of the stainless steel ball valve structure.

The stainless steel ball valve is combined with international advanced technology to design a two-line sealing structure, which can naturally vent the mine valve seat, which can ensure high and low sealing and reliable sealing under vacuum. When the medium pressure is running in the low pressure zone, the valve seat sealing ring has a small contact area with the ball, so there is a large sealing specific pressure to ensure a reliable sealing of the valve seat. When the medium pressure is running at a higher position, the contact area between the seat seal and the ball increases, so the seat seal is subjected to a large medium thrust without damage.

DIN Flange Ball Valve

DIN Flange Ball Valve

For ball valves with low working pressure, considering the medium pressure can not ensure the reliable sealing of the valve seat, and the pre-tightening force will attenuate after long-term use, so for the low pressure, ultra low pressure or vacuum working ball valve, the leaf spring loaded valve seat The sealing structure ensures long-term reliable sealing of the ball valve.

The valve seat sealing structure of the medium and high temperature ball valve adopts the para-polyphenylene as the sealing ring for the temperature of 300 ° C, and the ball valve with the metal sealing high temperature resistant composite material structure can be used for higher temperature. This structure has a one-way sealing function.

Automatic pressure relief structure When the medium retained in the cavity of the valve changes due to factors such as the pressure of the piping system and the temperature of the medium, and the abnormal pressure of the middle cavity occurs, the medium cavity medium can automatically push pressure due to its own thrust to promote development. This ensures the safety of the valve body.

There are two series of full diameter reduction paths to meet the different needs of users. The inner diameter of the full-bore ball valve has the same inner diameter of the pipeline, minimizes fluid resistance, and facilitates pipe cleaning. The weight of the two-diameter series ball valve is only about 70% of the same diameter full-bore ball, which can effectively reduce the cost and price. The fluid resistance coefficient is only about 1/7 of the same diameter stop valve, so the ball valve is widely used abroad.

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