Inspection Requirements For Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Aug. 20, 2019

Here is a professional DIN Flange Swing Check Valve Factory talking about the inspection requirements for stainless steel ball valves.

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Stainless Steel Thread Globe Valve

Stainless Steel Thread Globe Valve

The stainless steel ball valve must be strictly in accordance with the required steps before and after assembly. The parts of the stainless steel ball valve must be processed before assembly, as follows:

1. According to the processing requirements, some parts need to be polished, and the surface cannot be processed with burrs;

2. All parts are degreased;

3. After the degreasing of the stainless steel ball valve is completed, the pickling passivation is carried out (the cleaning agent does not contain phosphorus);

4. After pickling and passivation, rinse with pure water, there is no residual drug (carbon steel parts save this step);

5. Dry the parts one by one with a non-woven fabric, and do not leave the surface of the parts such as wire wool, or blow dry with clean nitrogen;

6. Use a non-woven fabric or a precision filter paper to analyze the pure alcohol and wipe each component one by one until there is no dirty color.

7. The assembled stainless steel ball valve is purged with nitrogen for at least 1 minute;

8. The airtight test must be pure nitrogen;

9. After the airtight test is passed, encapsulation is carried out, sealed with a clean polyethylene cap, and the polyethylene cap is soaked with an organic solvent before use, and wiped clean;

10. Then seal with a vacuum bag;

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