Failure And Damage Of Stainless Steel Globe Valves

Jul. 24, 2019

Here is Handwheel Forged Steel Gate Valve Manufacturer talking about the failure and damage of stainless steel globe valves.

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Stainless Steel Thread Globe Valve

Stainless Steel Thread Globe Valve

Failure and damage of the stainless steel globe valve, installation between the pipe thread connection and the valve. Rotate the same side of the thread. Hexagonal and octagonal parts cannot be used directly on the moon casing. The control capacity and the size of the pipe end piece should be avoided, unqualified or over-tolerated. Product configuration and tough construction are one type of pipeline damage.

Increased water resistance for debris in the pipeline while destroying the seal of the valve and fittings is in the pipeline and inlet filter. The regulating valve and the automatic valve are automatically exhausted and installed between the pressure reducing valve and the electric valve. It is also necessary to carefully read the instructions and perform relevant debugging according to the requirements.

The excessive speed of the butterfly valve and the stainless steel shut-off valve produces a water hammer effect. The valve and pressure should be increased several times, which may damage the fittings and valves. Attention must be paid to frequent fluctuations in line pressure and temperature. Reducing the service life of valves and fittings should be avoided.

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