How Is The Internal Structure Of The Rust Steel Ball Valve Classified?

Sep. 04, 2019

Here is a professional DIN Flange Swing Check Valve Factory talking about how is the internal structure of the rust steel ball valve classified.

The stainless steel ball valve works by rotating the valve plug to make the valve unblocked or occluded. The stainless steel ball valve switch is light in weight, small in size, can be made into a large diameter, reliable in sealing, simple in structure, convenient in maintenance, and the sealing surface and the spherical surface are often closed, and is not easily eroded by the medium, and is widely used in various industries.

Thread Ball Valve

Thread Ball Valve

The stainless steel ball valve and the plug valve are the same type of valve, only the closing member of which is a ball, and the ball rotates around the center line of the valve body to open and close a valve.

Stainless Steel Thread Globe Valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium. Stainless steel ball valves are a new type of valve that is widely used.

Stainless steel ball valves can be divided into straight-through, three-way and right-angle types according to their channel positions. Three-way stainless steel ball valves are available in T and L types. The T-type enables three orthogonal pipes to communicate with each other and cut off the third channel to function as a split and merge. The L-type can only connect two pipes that are orthogonal to each other, and can not keep the third pipe connected to each other at the same time, only to distribute.

1. The three-way stainless steel ball valve adopts the integrated structure in the structure, the sealing type of the 4-sided valve seat, the flange connection is small, the reliability is high, and the design realizes the weight reduction.

2. The three-way ball core is divided into T type and L type, long service life, large circulation capacity and low resistance

3. Stainless steel ball valve according to the action type single action and double action two types, single action type is that once the power source fails, the stainless steel ball valve will be in the state required by the control system.

Stainless steel ball valves only need to be rotated 90 degrees of operation and a small turning torque to close tight. The fully equal valve body cavity provides a small, straight-through flow path for the medium.

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