What Are The Rotating Equipment Used In The Oil And Gas Field
08 Feb,2022

There are different types of equipment used in oil and gas fields in order to extract oil and gas from the ground. The ground is drilled, and resources are extracted, stored, supplied from these fields.

In order to make the task easy, much industrial equipment are used. Each and every piece of equipment has a different purpose. Nowadays, most of the oil and gas industries use modern equipment.

Rotating equipment plays a major role in the oil and gas field. These are a special category of mechanical equipment. If you want to know more about the rotating equipment used in the oil and gas field, follow this guide.

What Are Rotating Equipment?

Rotating equipment is quite commonly used in the petroleum and oil industries. It is the machinery and equipment which use kinetic energy to drive fluids, gases, and other commodities. 

The rotating components of this equipment may consist of engines, compressors, turbines, and industrial valves. It is used to transport substances from one area to another, or it may be used to force materials to rotate, such as by making a propeller turn. 

Types of Rotating Equipment Used in Oil and Gas Field:

In order to understand what is rotating equipment in the oil and gas field, you need to know what types of equipment are available.


In the oil and gas field, compressors are used for a variety of applications. In some cases, they are needed to push or pull a certain amount of materials at one time. This can be, for example, used when processing an oil specimen at the analytical laboratory. In many cases, however, these machines are also used to increase the pressure of a liquid, which is used in hydraulic cranes, as well as air compressors and water compressors. It is one of the most important types of rotating equipment.

Industrial Valves: 

This is another important piece of rotating equipment used in oil and gas fields. Valves are mechanical devices that help you to control and adjust the flow of different substances like liquid, gases, powder, etc. You can connect it to a pipeline, tank or container to use different types of materials. It is one of the most important components in plumbing as well. In the oil and gas fields, valves are used to store, supply and transport steam, gas, as well as fuel and oil. There are different types and designs of valves available for industrial use like ball valves, globe valves, gate valves, etc. 

Steam Turbine:

The steam turbine is a mechanical device used to produce energy from water vapour which can be used in various processes. In the oil and gas industry, steam turbines are used to generate electricity by utilizing heat in steam boilers to produce steam and also to desalinate saltwater. 

Gas Turbine:

The oil & gas turbine is widely used in many of the plants for the purpose of generating electricity. It uses air and fuel and heats the substances to generate electricity.  


Gearboxes are being used by a large number of people for different purposes. They are used to avoid any kind of accident or mishap. It helps to change the speed, torque as well as the direction of other equipment.


A combination of different kinds of engines is required for the proper functioning of an oil and gas plant. These engines include turbine engines, pump engines, pressure engines, diesel engines, gasoline engines, and jet engines etc. It uses energy and converts it into motion.