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Gate Valve Collection

The finest selection of Brass and stainless steel Gate Valves, created with meticulous study, top-notch design, and a strong emphasis on safety

We are the most trusted valve manufacturing company in China, a World-renowned and custom-based gate valve supplier.

Our valves are optimal for use in very high-risk industries such as the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors.

Gate Valve Products at a Glance

We have classified the Gate Valves in three different categories based on:


Features a wedge-shaped metal piece that can move in and out of the valve body. Forged and welded gate valves are used for liquids and gases with temperatures up to +300°С.


classified as non rising stem valves or rising stem valves. The stem component is usually threaded into the valve body.


prevent leakage of any toxic chemical to the atmosphere. The bellow can be supplied in different materials like 316Ti, 321, C276 or Alloy 625.


Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials used in industrial valves. A stainless steel gate valve is a robust valve used to provide a tight shut-off in applications with extreme conditions.


Gate valves constructed with bronze bodies, available with threaded and flanged connections suitable general purpose and marine applications.


Wedge Gate Valves are commonly used as on-off and isolation valves in oil, gas, water, sea water and steam lines. They are used fully open or fully close and not suitable for throttling.

Prominent Features of XINTAI Gate Valves

Our gate valves are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of numerous industries, including the power, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil, and gas industries. The vast product line offers products that are carefully made using optimal quality materials. Our gate valve collection is assembled to adhere to the International standards and particular specifications of diverse industries, including high pressure and extreme temperatures that range up to 600 °C. To date, the major oil, gas, chemical, and petrochemical processing sectors have employed our gate valves in their plants.

Why choose us?

We are a leading supplier of manufacturing and design services for industrial valves. We have a department that checks the quality, and if there are any problems with the quality within a year of the purchase, we will replace it for free.

Make sure everything passes inspection and testing before shipping

Investing in research, optimizing processes, improving structures, and improving quality

Before placing an order, feel free to try some of our products on the house

Convenient seaport shipment and standard carton boxes and plywood export cases

Provide a third-party quality inspection on customer's requirements

Our Certificate

We are a prestigious Gate valve manufacturer from China.XINTAI is registered with the following governmental agencies:


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What Our Customers Say

"Xintai has consistently provided us with high-quality gate valves. Good design and a long lifespan. We have an upstream plant in a harsh environment, yet its valves can withstand any situation. Personnel that worked directly with us were very helpful.
John Collins
I've been purchasing valves from Xintai for the last ten years and have never had a problem with the quality of their product. As a ball valve vendor in the Middle East, I have supplied these valves to several oil refineries in the area.
Edson Clark
We've been working with Xintai for the last five years. In our operation, we employ a 4" check valve. The valves are incredibly long-lasting and have never leaked in the previous five years. I'm really glad I chose their valves. It not only completely served my goal, but it also saved me money and the inconvenience of periodic upkeep.
Peter Maining


Most frequent questions and answers

We not only provide you with volume savings, but we also give you promotional discounts throughout the peak season for buying valves.

 Normally all our products get a quality check and pressure testing before shipment. lt quality problem due to wrong use, we will suggest some solution but not take cost, If it is products quality due to our production, we will provide a solution and take related repair cost.

Gate valves are not designed for end-of-line duty. We also recommend the use of a suitability-rated blanking flange for such applications.

A valve operating element is the mechanism in which torque is transferred to the valve, normally a handwheel, stem cap (also known as a dolly or false cap), or lever. These items are interchangeable across the T-T Flow range but may not necessarily fit valves from other manufacturers

Valves are designed for either clean/potable water or wastewater applications having a maximum media temperature of 70°C and a maximum velocity of 3 m/s.

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