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API 602 Forged Steel Valve Collection

Forged steel is a material formed by combining iron and carbon under high pressure. Forged steel has a finer grain structure, less surface porosity, higher fatigue and tensile strength, and higher ductility than other treated steel.

When heated to forging temperature, the steel becomes malleable and ductile, enabling it to be molded into the desired valve shape using pressure. We can shape a valve without cracking using processing technologies and steel forging.

API 602 Gate, Globe, and Check valves are smaller in size and used in the oil and gas industries. This standard defines the specifications for a range of small gate, globe, check valves, etc., used in the natural gas and petroleum industries.

API 602 Forged Steel Valve Products at a Glance

API 602 Forged values are available from the XINTAI valve group in a range of subcategories. Our production line is highly developed and can provide a customized solution.

API 602 Forged Steel Gate Valve

API 602 forged steel gate valves are durable devices used in oil and gas, petrochemical refineries, coal-fired power production, and water treatment to open and stop fluid in a pipeline. It includes two types of solid wedges: rigid and flexible.

API 602 Forged Steel Globe Valve

A globe valve is a device that controls or shuts off the flow of liquid or gas through a pipeline. In a globe valve, the opening in the seat is sealed up by a disk or plug, and the seat is in the center and parallel to the pipe.

API 602 Forged Steel Check Valve

A check valve is a valve that generally allows just one direction of fluid to flow through it. Check valves normally work automatically and are not operated by a human or any output control; as a result, the majority of them lack valve handles

API 602 Forged Steel Ball Valve

The oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors use XINTAI API 602 forged steel ball valves, which are available as top entry, floating, metal seated, and completely welded ball valves. XINTAI supplies ball valves with over 25 years of R&D and production expertise.

Prominent Features of XINTAI API 602 Forged Steel Valves

When you have decided to purchase API cast steel valves from China to get a wide selection at a competitive price, XINTAI Valve Group will undoubtedly appear in front of you. A professional manufacturer of valves, XINTAI Valve Group Co., LTD. was established in 1998 and combined R&D, casting, production, and sales. 


Forged steel provides high strength, improved hardness, and exceptional durability; Steel is unlikely to fracture when it comes into touch with other substances.

Forging Process

The forging process is very controlled, making it possible to maintain uniformity throughout all steel forgings produced valves.


Steel forging is commonly employed in industrial and mechanical applications because of its strength and availability and specialty alloys such as stainless and carbon steel. Steel forging provides the best strength for the production of components.

Why choose us?

Forged steel valves made by XINTAI that comply with API 602 use unique aesthetic, engineering, and production techniques. Our industry adheres to strict domestic and international emission rules. The high-quality API 602 Forged Steel globe, ball, check, butterfly, and other valve types produced by the XINTAI Valve Group are used in a variety of industries, including oil, refinery, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pulp and paper, food processing, nuclear power, fossil fuels, etc.

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XINTAI API 602 Forged Steel Valve Competitive Advantages

XINTAI API 602 Forged Steel Valve Supplier

A plethora of services for API 602 Forged Steel Valves.

highquality din product

High-Quality Products

We follow stringent measures and dual inspections in accordance with world standards. We are committed to high-quality manufacturing using advanced detection equipment and precise testing methods.

Field Maintenance

Customized solutions

With a capacity of producing 2,70,000 valves annually, we work round the clock to provide custom-made valves as per our client's needs. From material to size and design to applications, everything can be customized

Customized Solutions

Field maintenance

Accurate installation and proper maintenance of the valve are imperative in maintaining a safe industrial environment. Your safety is our priority.

Reliable Customer Support

Reliable Customer Support

At Xintai we are devoted to excellent customer service. You can rely on us for queries, doubts or any other issues related to our product and service. Our team is always available online, on calls or face to face to serve you better

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We are a prestigious the API 602 Forged Steel Valve manufacturer from China.XINTAI is registered with the following governmental agencies:

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I was looking for the best quality API Standard gate valves for a vacuum shipping container I make for a client. XINTAI had what I required at the best quality and saved a repeat customer.
John Wing
Superior Quality​
I was looking for reliable API 602 ball valves for regular needs. Fortunately, I ordered some values to XINTAI for inspection purposes and received them timely. Now XINTAI is happy to accept a discount on my transaction in addition to their already inexpensive rates!
Mongentera G
Cost-effective Solution
After trying the samples, we placed a big order. Your samples helped me meet my customer's deadline. XINTAI delivered our purchase quickly, proving good customer service.
Clark J
Excellent Customer Service

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