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Industry-Leading Experience

One of the largest casting valves manufacturers in Wenzhou, have 8 casting line now, with 15 production planned in 2022.

Shorten The Delivery Time;
Quality Control;
Flexible Production Line;
Competitive Price


Mold Development

The technical department develops the mold, and the quality department uses the three coordinates to carry out the dimensional inspection.


Wax Moulding

The workshop uses automatic waxing machines to set the waxing pressure, holding time, etc. and to produce high quality was patterns.


Shell Preparation

The workshop has 4 automatic production lines, able to produce 1800 sets of shells. We use a hygrothermograph, aerometer, and PH to monitor humidity, temperature, and concentration of liquor aluminum chloride.


Metal Pouring

4 sets of 500KG furnaces are in production, The operators conduct rigorous tests to fulfill material requirements.


Clean & Heat Treat

The workshop is fully equipped with 8 heat treatment furnaces, 3 quenching furnaces, 1 central shot blasting machine and 11 large shot blasting machines.



All blank dimensions are checked using a CMM. We have rockwell hardness machine, dynamic balance instrument, roundness meter, etc. The company's quality department has certified employees to do UT, PT, MT testing.


Two Times Inspections, Double Guarantee

We have own inspection company, all finished products will be inspected two times. One by our professional quality inspection department, and second time inspected by our inspection company before shipping, guarantee high quality. In addition, we also provide inspection services separately for non-XINTAI customers, and give the greatest support for purchasing in China.