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Industry-Leading Experience

One of the largest casting valves manufacturers in Wenzhou, have 8 casting line now, with 15 production planned in 2022.

Shorten The Delivery Time;
Quality Control;
Flexible Production Line;
Competitive Price


Dimension Check of Forging

We have high precision measuring equipment such as coordinate measuring machines (CMM), optical comparators and surface roughness testers to ensure that the dimensions and tolerances of forgings meet the required specifications.


Wax Moulding

Our expertise in wax molding is characterized by a high degree of automation, resulting in shorter cycle times and minimized material waste, ultimately driving production efficiency.


Workpiece Forging Machining

Our precision forging ensures exact specifications, minimizes waste, and improves quality. Advanced machinery shortens lead times for prompt customer service.


Metal Pouring

Our metal pouring operations boast a 98% casting success rate, thanks to advanced robotics and automated monitoring systems, ensuring consistent quality and reducing defects.


Clean & Heat Treat

We use advanced cleaning technology to ensure that the surface of the parts is flawless, while our heat treatment process guarantees the material uniformity and strength of the parts, meets the highest quality standards, and provides outstanding performance and durability.



In the Inspection sector, we have a unique advantage to highlight the leading position. Magnetic particle, wall thickness, mechanical properties and spectral testing ensure superior quality.


Two Times Inspections, Double Guarantee

We have own inspection company, all finished products will be inspected two times. One by our professional quality inspection department, and second time inspected by our inspection company before shipping, guarantee high quality. In addition, we also provide inspection services separately for non-XINTAI customers, and give the greatest support for purchasing in China.