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API Cast Steel Valve Collection

Cast steel is a perfect option for any oil and gas application and provides reliable metallurgy manufacturing operations in API Globe Valve, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Ball Valve, etc. Different chemicals and control can be chosen for various valve applications. Cast steel offers several heat treatment possibilities for good mechanical properties and performance. Cast steel also provides good workability and weldability.

API Cast Steel Valve Products at a Glance

XINTAI valve group has a massive line of API cast steel values with different categories. We have a well-developed casting line and deliver customized solutions to our customers. Here are to describe all product categories.

API 600 Cast Steel Gate Valve

The API 600-compliant XINTAI cast steel gate valve has a specific and constrained function to release or limit the flow of various fluids in pipelines. A cast steel gate valve's primary characteristic is a flat sealing surface between the "gate" and its seat. This makes the API 600 cast steel gate valve suitable for use in different applications.

API 609 Butterfly Valve

A butterfly valve, also known as a flap valve, is made up of a fixed disc that revolves around the stem of the valve shaft to open and close. It is used for high-pressure applications and produced by XINTAI Valve Group according to API 609 standards. For low-pressure and non-critical applications, API 609 centric butterfly valves are preferable to ball and gate valves due to their lighter weight, quicker installation, and low cost.

API 6D And API 594 Cast Steel Check Valve

API oil and gas pipelines frequently employ check valves, also known as one-way valves, to stop backflow. Check valves are simple, cost-efficient, and quick fixes for possible problems. Check valves are two-port valves, meaning that each body aperture has a separate fluid inlet and outlet. XINTAI produces check values under API 6D (left) and API 594 (right) requirements with cast steel material.

API 623 Cast Steel Globe Valve

XINTAI produces superior bolted bonnet API 623 Globe Valves with cast bodies in various sizes and pressure classes. Due to its mechanical properties, the XINTAI globe valve is perfect for repeatable pipeline unidirectional throttling and regular operation.

API 6D Ball Valve

XINTAI ball valve complies with the design, manufacturing, and testing requirements of the API 6D standard. One of the most required ball valves on the market is the API 6D ball valve, which is designed for usage in gas, petrochemical, oil, and liquid applications.

API 6D Cast Steel Gate Valve

XINTAI also manufactures API 6D cast steel gate valves. The American Petroleum Institute has developed API 6A, a tougher standard than API 600, for oil and gas wellhead equipment. 

Prominent Features of XINTAI API Cast Steel Valves

Valves play an important role in any piping system. Cast steel’s mechanical characteristics outperform all other casting alloys and a range of high-alloy steel. Pressure vessel casting can also make components strong enough to endure high tensile stress or dynamic load.

Custom Valve Solutions

Industries trust XINTAI's casting industry valves worldwide as an industrial valve manufacturer that also offers custom solutions.

R&D Facility

We have vast experience optimizing Cast Steel Valve quality and cost since 1998.

Accredited Quality

We have certified our quality management system according to ISO 9001 and domestic TS security, CE, API, and OHSAS 18001.

Why choose us?

An ISO 9001, ISO 14001 registered company. We are one of the largest API cast steel valve manufacturers in China with 8 production lines and a capacity to produce 1800 shells at a time. Every product from us comes with a double guarantee and undergoes two inspections to ensure the best quality. We are committed to excellence in service and the steady growth of our customers and the manufacturing industry.

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About Us

XINTAI VALVE GROUP CO., LTD.was founded in 1998, is a professional valve maunfacturing company which conjoins R&D, casting, development, production and sale. The Group’s headquarters is located in the Longwan Konggang New District, Wenzhou, and is centered on research and manufacturing technology.

The massive line of XINTAI cast steel valves features cutting-edge design, engineering, and production technology. Our industry meets the most demanding national and international emission regulations. XINTAI Valve Group is a major industrial manufacturer, producer, and supplier of high-quality casting globe, ball, check, butterfly, and many other types used in a variety of industries, including:

XINTAI API Cast Steel Valve Supplier

A plethora of services for API Cast Steel valves.

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High-Quality Products

We follow stringent measures and dual inspections in accordance with world standards. We are committed to high-quality manufacturing using advanced detection equipment and precise testing methods.

Field Maintenance

Customized solutions

With a capacity of producing 2,70,000 valves annually, we work round the clock to provide custom-made valves as per our client's needs. From material to size and design to applications, everything can be customized

Customized Solutions

Field maintenance

Accurate installation and proper maintenance of the valve are imperative in maintaining a safe industrial environment. Your safety is our priority.

Reliable Customer Support

Reliable Customer Support

At Xintai we are devoted to excellent customer service. You can rely on us for queries, doubts or any other issues related to our product and service. Our team is always available online, on calls or face to face to serve you better

Our Certificate

We are a prestigious the API Cast Steel valve manufacturer from China.XINTAI is registered with the following governmental agencies:

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This is our first order with XINTAI, and we are really pleased with your service and flexibility. The product is in the proper condition, quantity, timing, and location. Thank you very much.
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My search for a more cost-effective API gate valve to place on a vacuum shipping container I produce for a client coincided with my search for alternate solutions. XINTAI had what I needed at the best price, preventing me from losing a client.
Fredrik King
Cost-effective Solution
We liked the samples so much that we purchased more. Honestly, it saved my life. The samples you supplied me allowed me to fulfill my customer's order on schedule. Your organization demonstrated excellent customer service by shipping our order timely.  
Edeson Wing
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