The Best Butterfly Valve Manufacturers In Italy

The Best Butterfly Valve Manufacturers In Italy

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In the quest to find the best butterfly valve manufacturers in Italy, you may find it helpful to learn about the different companies in the country. Listed below are some of the best manufacturers in Italy. Listed below are a few of them: GEP VALVE SAS, MEI VALVOLE INDUSTRIALI, EREDI BAITELLI SPA, I.T.E. INDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT SRL, and M.I. Valve.

What is a butterfly valve?

A butterfly valve is a type of circular pipe with an opening and a closed end that regulates the flow of various fluid media. It is typically used for air, gas, or liquid but is also used in some applications for dry materials. This article discusses the different types of butterfly valves and what they can be used for. 

There are two kinds of butterfly valves: metal and soft-sealed. Metal-sealed butterfly valves are used for water, gas, and dust removal pipelines. Metal-to-metal-sealed valves are used in water and acid pipelines. Finally, a metal-face-sealed three-eccentric butterfly valve is used for separating gases and liquids.


Established in 1996, GEP VALVES is an Italian company that produces a variety of industrial valves. Their valves meet international standards and are CE marked, ATEX certified, and PED approved. They are often used in the oil and gas industry and can also provide pneumatic/electric actuators. GEP VALVE is based in Venice, Italy, and its products are CE marked.

They produce a variety of butterfly valves, and their range of actuation equipment includes manual, electric, and hydraulic. Additionally, their automation range covers positioning. The company has manufacturing sites in Burgos and La Roche-Chalais, France. They are also responsible for product design and manufacturing and after-sales service.


If you are looking for the best butterfly valve manufacturers in Italy, Mei ValvoleIndustriali is a great choice. This company specializes in manufacturing butterfly valves in a variety of types, including swing check valves, rotary butterfly valves, and sight glasses. All of their products meet the requirements of the European Union and ISO 9001:2008. Their butterfly valves are manufactured using only the finest raw materials and in accordance with the highest quality standards. Its goal is to provide high-quality products at a competitive price.

MEI VALVOLE INDUSTRIALI has been in the industry for over 20 years. They manufacture and supply industrial valves worldwide. Their products are CE, ATEX, and PED certified. They also have pneumatic/electric actuators available for butterfly valves. The company is headquartered in Venice, Italy.


If you’re looking for quality butterfly valves and other metal parts, you’ve probably come across the name ErediBaitelli. This Italian manufacturer has been producing quality products for over 50 years and has gained international recognition. The company’s products have a wide range of applications and are used in a number of industries. It has a history of winning international markets and is renowned for its high-quality products.

Established in 1945, ErediBaitelli SPA manufactures industrial valves for a wide variety of industries. With its history and expertise, ErediBaitelli specializes in manufacturing brass and special alloys, as well as stainless steel. Its products have a range of finishes, including nickel plating and special surface treatments. The company’s products can withstand high pressures and temperatures and are highly durable.

With a range of industrial valves, ErediBaitelli SPA is one of the leading companies in the world. With four production lines, this Italian company has a wide range of products to meet a variety of needs. Their butterfly valves are used in a variety of industries, including the oil & gas sector, water treatment, mining, and chemical industries.


I.T.E. is an Italian company that manufactures and supplies various types of industrial valves. Located in OssagoLodogiano, Lodi, I.T.E. focuses on the hydraulic, plumbing, and petrochemical industries. Their valves can withstand standard pressures of 600psi and can withstand optimum pressures of 10,000psi.

The company manufactures industrial-grade valves for local as well as international markets. They can also manufacture custom butterfly valves that can reach a diameter of 8mm, and for the standard ones, they can go upto 4mm. Every valve carries a tagging of the casting numbers for easy identification to make the process of repair and maintenance easy.


VALVOMEC SRL is a manufacturer of butterfly valves and other industrial valves. It is headquartered in VARALLO, VERCELLI, Italy, and has 44 employees. Founded in 1945, the company has a long history in the hydraulics, petrochemical, food, and plumbing industries. Its product lines meet NACE standards and are designed for different applications.

The company has an extensive list of advanced butterfly valve technologies and is an ISO-certified organization. It serves over 80 countries and has earned the reliability badge. The company follows a rigorous QC process in manufacturing. Besides that, it has ISO quality-system certification, which ensures that all products meet QA criteria. In addition, it has several certifications, including BV Marine, CE, and Fire Test.


If you are looking for a butterfly valve manufacturer in Italy, look no further than VIMEC. The company, which has been around since 1967, is headquartered in the strategic set-up facility of Cividate Al Piano, Bergamo, Italy. The company produces a wide range of butterfly valves that serve a variety of applications. These products are widely used in industries across the world, from power plants to medical devices.

The company is known for its 60-year-old experience in manufacturing quality valves. It exports its products to more than 40 countries on five continents. It is one of the leading valve manufacturers in Italy that provides custom-made solutions to a variety of engineering industries. Moreover, their products are known for their high level of reliability and innovation. Whether you are in need of a standard butterfly valve or a high-precision, precision-engineered one, VIMEC is the company to choose.


The METAL Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in Italy are among the best companies for your industrial requirements. They manufacture a range of valves, ranging from control and on-off valves to those used in the petrochemical, chemical, and energy industries. These valves are used in both industrial and commercial applications and are designed to meet all international standards. If you require custom valves, Metalvalves can also design them for you.

This company’s products adhere to European Union directives and are ISO 9001:2008 certified. The company’s butterfly valve lines are segmented into four main product lines, each aimed at a specific industry or service. For example, the Industrial Butterfly Valve is a type of industrial valve that is commonly used in the gas and oil industries.

These valves are used to regulate and isolate fluid flow. These valves have a ring-shaped body, a seat made of elastomer, and a disc guided through a shaft that swings through a 90-degree rotary movement. These valves are capable of shutting off operating pressures and temperatures of up to 25 bar. While they are commonly used for liquids, they are also suitable for gases and slightly abrasive media.


OMAL is a self-control valve manufacturer in Italy specializing in high-quality, high-performance actuated packages. Unlike many manufacturers, OMAL has complete control over both valves and actuators, allowing for unparalleled quality, consistency, and reliability. OMAL uses only high-quality materials and constantly trains its staff to provide the highest quality of semi-finished and finished products. They also use specially-studied robots to produce a high-quality product that satisfies the needs of their demanding clientele.

OMAL is a world-renowned supplier of automatic control valves and other related products. Based in Lodi, Italy, the company offers a comprehensive line of industrial valves and specialized services for diverse industries. They are dedicated to the petrochemical, automotive, food, and hydraulic industries. Their products meet NACE standards and are designed for a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

OMAL’s extensive line of butterfly valves is comprised of various types of angle seat valves, carbon steel ball valves, and cast iron butterfly-type valves. In addition to the above, OMAL also manufactures electric and double-acting actuators, PVC ball valves, and Stainless steel butterfly valves. In addition to its wide product line, Omal provides exceptional customer service and the fastest possible delivery options.


The Butterfly Valve Manufacturing Division of GHIBSON ITALIA SRL, a global butterfly valve manufacturer, manufactures products for a wide variety of industrial applications. They have a wide range of standard products and also custom-design products for specific applications. Gibson was established in 1939, and the company has been a leading manufacturer of butterfly valves for over sixty years.

Butterfly valves are highly versatile pieces of equipment used in many different industries. Gate Valves are a perfect example of this, with a variety of applications. Gate Valves are a good choice for power engineering applications. Gate Valves are used in corrosive and abrasive media. They can also be used in high-temperature applications. GHIBSON ITALIA SRL is an Italian manufacturer of butterfly valves.


EURO VALVE SRL Butterfly valves are an excellent alternative to standard valves, saving you money and materials. In addition to their cost-effective design, butterfly valves also contribute to product sustainability. These innovative valves are commonly used in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. These Italian valves represent the very best of European manufacturing. They’re among the leading exporters of industrial valves, representing almost 30% of global production.


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