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Forged Valve Collection

A forged valve was created from a single piece of metal. It is typically employed in sectors of the economy that experience high temperatures and pressures. Hammering the metal into shape provides forged valves their strength and tensile durability.

Because they are forged from a single solid piece of metal, forged valves are more durable than other types of valves. This indicates that they are resistant to failure or breakdown in high pressure and temperature settings. They frequently survive for decades before needing replacement or maintenance. They also have a long lifespan.

Due to its multiple advantages, forged valves can be used in a variety of sectors. The forging process benefits a company in a number of ways that make the valve more desirable, including high strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

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Forged Floating Ball Valve

A forged floating ball valve is made up of a rotating ball and stem that control flow. The valve can be positioned in the open position if the bore is aligned with the pipeline. Fluid can flow downstream if it is in this position. The ball rotates 90 degrees, so the bore is perpendicular with the flow path. Fluid cannot pass downstream if the floating ball valve closes.

Forged Wedge Gate Valve

A gate valve is a type stopper for pipelines. This type of valve prevents flow and does not regulate it. These valves are found most often in the industrial sector. This valve is made to penetrate high-viscosity fluids. Understanding the various uses of each valve is key to selecting the best one for you.

Forged Globe Valve

A commonly used cut-off valve made of forged steel is the forged steel globe valve. It is used to connect or cut the medium within the pipeline. The forged steel globe valve is very resistant to fluid, has a wide temperature and pressure range, can be used in any media direction, and offers excellent sealing performance. There are many options for drive devices: electric, pneumatic, hand wheel, and so on.

Forged Check Valve

For high temperature and high pressure applications, Forged Steel Check Valve are the best choice. These valves allow flow only in one direction and are non-return types.

Prominent Features of XINTAI Forged Valves

There are many benefits to using forged valve parts in industrial applications. It contributes to the effective operations of the industries. Forged Valves feature a variety of benefits that will undoubtedly meet the needs of various companies.

They are very easy to carry anywhere you want because of its lightweight. It is very cost efficient and easy to install.

Forged valves have different types like, ball, check, gate, globe, butterfly and plug valves that is used in various industries depending on what they needed for their applications.

Forged valves are more strong and durable than other types of valves. This indicates that they are resistant to failure or breakdown in high pressure and temperature settings. They also have different exceptional designs and are made with high quality forged valve parts.

Forged valves does not require much maintenance and has a much longer service life.

About Us

XINTAI Forged valves integrate cutting-edge design, engineering, and manufacturing technologies. Our sector complies with stringent national and international emission laws. XINTAI Valve Group is a significant industrial manufacturer and supplier of the high-quality globe, ball, check, butterfly, and other valve types used in a wide range of industries, including:

XINTAI Forged Valve Supplier

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High-Quality Products

We follow stringent measures and dual inspections in accordance with world standards. We are committed to high-quality manufacturing using advanced detection equipment and precise testing methods.

Field Maintenance

Customized solutions

With a capacity of producing 2,70,000 valves annually, we work round the clock to provide custom-made valves as per our client's needs. From material to size and design to applications, everything can be customized

Customized Solutions

Field maintenance

Accurate installation and proper maintenance of the valve are imperative in maintaining a safe industrial environment. Your safety is our priority.

Reliable Customer Support

Reliable Customer Support

At Xintai we are devoted to excellent customer service. You can rely on us for queries, doubts or any other issues related to our product and service. Our team is always available online, on calls or face to face to serve you better

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We are the manufacturers of high-quality hydraulic components that have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. Apart from that we also have passed the domestic TS security certification. Our products are manufactured considering the API and DIN standards.

Casting Wedge Gate Valve

They can be used for full opening and closing, but are not suitable to throttle. The sealing surface is made from stainless steel or a hard alloy with a long service life. Flexible graphite packing is a good choice for reliable sealing and light operation.


Thread Ball Valve

They are normally used in applications that have small ball valves with a diameter less than 4" because larger diameters will be hard to cover and are disposed to leakages through the threads. They are low-cost, easy to set up, and easy to sustain and replace.

Plug Valve

Plug valves suggest a straightway route through the ports so that fluid can flow through the opening plug with a minimum of turbulence. Flow can be in either direction with fully open or fully closed

Our Certificate

We are a prestigious forged valve manufacturer from China. XINTAI is registered with the following governmental agencies:


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Customers reviews

“The best high quality forged valves I have bought. It is very strong and durable and very efficient to use. Recommended for those who are looking for forged valves.”
Adam Sendler
“At first I doubt purchasing this valve, but when it was delivered to us, I am very amazed! The valve was very thick and strong, also at a cheap cost!”
Mila Kunis
“I have tried the forged valve I have purchased and I was never wrong choosing this company. It really helps in preventing blowouts and corrosion! Highly recommended!”
Mike Stuart


Most frequent questions and answers

Reduced waste material are some of the benefits of forged vales. The strength and reliability of forged valves means that they can withstand high temperatures and high pressure with little shrinkage, porosity, cracks and other problems.

The difference lies in the operation. To open/close an orifice, a gate valve moves a solid disc up and down. To open/close the valve, a ball valve rotates a cylindrical ball (the orifice), 90 degrees.

 A Globe valve, a linear motion valve, is designed to regulate flow and stop it from being interrupted. A Globe valve’s disk can either be completely removed from the flowpath, or it can close the flowpath completely. Globe valves are widely used to regulate flow. To avoid premature failure and ensure satisfactory service, the valve must be designed to control flow. Specially designed trim is required for valves that are subject to high-differential pressure-throttling service.

Ball valves are possibly the best trustworthy kind of valve and are normally used for oil industries. Like gate valves, a ball valve is considered as an all-or-nothing valve—they should be either entirely open to tolerate full flow, or fully closed to stop all flow.

  1. Fluid resistance

 The fluid resistance of forged valves is very low. The body’s straight inner media channel allows     fluid to flow through the valve in a straight line without any direction change. The flow path is clear as such.

  1. Energy-efficiency

Forged valves are an efficient valve option because the movement direction of the ram or movement is perpendicular with the media flow direction. They are energy efficient and help to reduce total ownership costs.

  1. Minimum pressure loss

Forged valves are very low in pressure due to their laminar flow. It is always a good idea to reduce pressure loss.

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