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The Superior Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves

At the heart of our offering is a patented double eccentric butterfly valve design that provides key advantages over traditional alternatives. The eccentric shaft allows for increased sealing efficiency while minimizing wear and tear. With a double offset disc that’s eccentric to both the shaft and pipe, turbulence is significantly reduced for smoother operation cycle after cycle.

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Why Choose Xintai Brand?

Quality and Performance

Our double eccentric butterfly valves are manufactured to the highest quality standards through rigorous testing and inspection at every stage. You get proven zero-leakage performance even in the most severe operating conditions.

Innovation and Design

Xintai constantly invests in R&D to drive innovation. Our patented double offset design incorporates unique features like self-lubricating bearings, optimized shaft connections, and advanced sealing geometries for maximum service life.

Safety Standards and Certifications

Safety is paramount, which is why our double offset valves meet or exceed all major industry standards, such as API 607 fire testing, API 609, ASME, CE marking, and more. Complete documentation packages are available.

Longest Service Life

The rugged double eccentric design combined with superior wear materials results in an extended service life of over 10-15 years for our butterfly valves. Self-lubricating components virtually eliminate maintenance requirements.

Rapid Availability

Our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities enable us to produce double-offset valves rapidly with short lead times. We also have a global network providing localized service, technical support and emergency repairs.

25+ Years of Valve

For over 25 years, Xintai has been a trusted OEM valve manufacturer supplying the world’s leading companies. Our severe service expertise, state-of-the-art production, and customer-first approach ensure consistently reliable valve solutions.

About Xintai

Xintai is a leading global manufacturer specializing in severe service valve solutions for the most demanding industrial applications. Our double eccentric butterfly valves, triple offset butterfly valves, high-performance butterfly valves, and more are relied upon by major companies worldwide. With vertically integrated production, stringent quality control, and cutting-edge R&D, we deliver consistently superior valve products.

With over 35 years of excellence in valve manufacturing, Xintai has built an unparalleled reputation for quality and performance. Our state-of-the-art production facilities utilize the latest technologies, ensuring consistent quality control. And with a vertically integrated supply chain, we maintain full control over raw materials and every production process – delivering a superior product you can count on.

We Are Here to Answer All Your Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Xintai Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves :

Double eccentric or double offset butterfly valves have an eccentric disc that is offset from the shaft centerline. This allows the disc to open and close while sealing the entire circumference, resulting in zero leakage even after years of operation.

Our eccentric butterfly valves meet or exceed requirements for all major standards like API 609, BS 5155, MSS SP68, EN 593, and more. They are fire-safe, certified to API 607, and available in a range of metallurgy options.

Double offset butterfly valves provide several advantages, including bi-directional zero leakage, higher CV values for better flow control, extended service life with minimal maintenance, fire-safe designs, and the ability to handle extreme temperatures/pressures. The double offset shaft minimizes wear on the seal ring.

Both double and triple-offset valves have an eccentric disc that is offset from the shaft/bore centerline. However, in triple offset valves, the shaft is additionally inclined and offset to the pipe centerline, allowing for a compact, lightweight design while still achieving zero leakage.

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Xintai’s double eccentric butterfly valves are workhorses across countless industries, requiring strict process isolation and zero leakage performance. You’ll find them hard at work in oil & gas production and transmission, refineries and petrochemical plants, power generation facilities, pulp & paper mills, chemical processing operations, mining, and more harsh service applications.


How Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves Excel in Harsh Environments

In many industries like oil & gas, power generation, mining, and more, equipment is routinely exposed to some of the harshest operating conditions imaginable. From extreme temperatures and pressures to highly abrasive, corrosive, or toxic media, these severe service applications demand valve solutions that can stand up to any challenge.

That’s where double eccentric butterfly valves truly shine. Thanks to their innovative double offset design, these high-performance valves provide unparalleled reliability, sealing capabilities, and service life – even in the most brutal process environments.

Zero Leakage Despite the Toughest Conditions

At the core of the double eccentric design is the positioning of the valve disc, which is offset from both the shaft and the bore centerlines. This unique offset geometry allows the disc to lift and cam away from the seal during the opening/closing cycle, minimizing wear and ensuring bubble-tight shut-off year after year.

The result is zero leakage performance that easily handles:

  • Extreme temperatures from cryogenic to 1000°F+
  • Ultra-high pressures up to 2500#
  • Highly viscous, abrasive, and contaminated media
  • Corrosive chemical compounds like acids and caustics
  • Erosive applications like mining slurries

While traditional valves would quickly degrade and start leaking, double eccentric butterfly valves maintain a tight seal through countless open/close cycles in the most punishing conditions.

Rugged Construction for the Longest Service Life

Of course, sealing performance is just one part of the story. Double offset butterfly valves also feature an exceptionally rugged construction built to withstand decades of severe service without failure. Key elements include:

  1. Abrasion/Corrosion Resistant Materials 

From super duplex stainless steels and nickel alloys to ceramic/tungsten carbide coatings, materials are carefully selected based on the specific media and environment.

  1. Self-Lubricating Bearings 

The innovative bearing design is permanently lubricated and sealed to reliably support eccentric shaft loads, even with solid particulates in the media stream.

  1. Metal Body Construction 

Rigid cast bodies stand up to extreme pressure/temperature changes, thermal shocks, and prevent deformation that allows leaks to develop.

  1. Safety Certifications 

Double eccentric butterfly valves meet the highest fire safety standards, like API 607, for use in severe conditions.

Long-Term Performance and Value

Between their robust build quality, innovative eccentric disc design, and optimized sealing geometries, double-offset butterfly valves deliver unmatched performance with a lower total cost of ownership compared to other valve types. With near-zero maintenance required, these valves provide an exceptional return on investment for severe service applications.

So whether your operations involve scorching heat, bone-chilling cold, highly abrasive slurries, or violently erosive chemicals, know that double eccentric butterfly valves are engineered specifically to thrive in harsh environments year after year. For mission-critical processes where failure is not an option, they are the clear choice.

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