We are one of the largest manufacturers of casting valves in Wenzhou, with annual output over 270,000 valves.

Production Equipment

With comprehensive and advanced production equipment, XINTAI produces reliable finished products in accordance with international standards, so as to accelerate the industrialization speed of our enterprise.

Whatever the selection of raw materials and the product inspection before leaving the factory, XINTAI employees are always meticulous in accordance with international standards to keep the 100% qualified rate of products to guarantee the excellent quality of products..

We design, engineer and produce your tailor-made valves.

The Manufacturing Process of Industrial Valves

To produce the valve, including these procedures: Design Drawing, wax molding, dissolving steel, casting, cleaning up, casting product inspection, machine processing, testing tolerance, grinding surface, surface inspection, appearance electroplating, assembling, testing pressure, testing temperature, testing material, finished product inspection, packed in wooden cases, the valve can leave the factory after these complex process.



In the open die forging sector, dimensional controls are usually carried out in manual ... system for the 3D survey and dimensional check of hot or cold forgings.

Dimension Check of forging
Drawing Development


This includes the manufacturing of components, like bodies, caps and bonnets. Valves are manufactured through the process of forging or casting. The common perception is that forging is a superior method, but modern-day manufacturers are getting equally brilliant results with casting.

Wax Moulding

Mechanical Processing

We are able to execute mechanical precision-processings and a great variety of materials for which specific competences are a must: Duplex stainless steel, various titanium, nickel, chromium and other materials.

Thickness Test
CNC Machine Processing
Process Inspection

Assembly Workshop

Before being sold and distributed, XINTAI valve products undergo strict controls. The automated test counters are installed in the assembly department to allow strict control and testing of the product.

Pack & Delivery