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Ball Valve Collection

We cater to growing industrial needs with our reliable, high-quality Ball Valves

A shutoff valve with a rotatable ball inside of a bore. Used to regulate the flow of a liquid or gas through the valve. The medium’s flow through or obstruction is determined by rotating the ball 90 degrees around its axis. They have a long lifespan and maintain a tight seal throughout that period, even if the valve is inactive for a while. In comparison to other valve designs, ball valves can withstand polluted medium better. 


Our valves are tough, long-lasting, and suitable for use in very hot environments. They are highly recommended for use in the Oil and Gas Sector and meet the requirements of the petrochemical sector.

Ball Valve Products at a Glance

Ball design we cater: Valve design based on ball movement: Floating and trunnion mounted Port design: full port, standard, or V-port valve. Body style: single body, split, top-entry, 3-piece or welded body.

Floating Ball Valve

The most common design is the "floating ball design". The ball is supported at the top and bottom to reduce the load on the valve seats.

Trunnion Ball Valve

Valves with large diameters and high operating pressures (for example DN >100mm and 30 bar) often have a trunnion design. The ball is supported on the bottom and top to reduce the load on the seat rings. The operating torque is generally lower for trunnion valves

1 Piece Ball Valve

Stainless steel or Crabon steel valves are quarter turn valves have a perforated and pivoted design to control flow through it. The flat handle aligns with flow when open and is perpendicular when closed. This makes it easier to view and confirm valve status. They are widely used in petroleum and chemical industries.

Casting Turnion Mounted Ball Valve

These steel valve allow easy and smooth operation even at very high pressure. The ball is free yet fixed in a position. These valves have fire safe designs and come with quality castings according to BS 6755, API607 & API 6FA. Meet all applicable ASME standards.

V-Notch Valve

The hole in the ball or the valve seat has a "V" shaped profile. As a result, the desired flow rate can be controlled more precisely by rotating the ball. By optimising the profile, a linear flow characteristic can be approached.

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The DIN valves are threaded valves manufactured by experts in the field who believe in delivering quality, durability, and the latest technology. The product range includes industrial valves manufactured following the DIN standards.

Prominent Features of XINTAI Ball Valves

Our ball valves are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of numerous industries, including the power, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil, and gas industries. The vast product line offers carefully made products using optimum quality materials. Our ball valve collection is assembled to adhere to the International standards and particular specifications of diverse industries, including high pressure and extreme temperatures that range up to 600 °C. The major oil, gas, chemical, and petrochemical processing sectors have employed our ball valves in their plants.

We accommodate a wide range of industries requirements and uses. To ensure that you receive effective, tailored solutions, we research your unique use case. You can get cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, or stainless steel valves made to your specifications. To guarantee a snug fit in the pipe, the size is also standardised to those measurements.

Our  ball valves are built to last in the oil and gas sector, where they must withstand harsh environments and crucial safety procedures. We understand the need for dependable pressure and flow control and full cutoff. Our DIS valves are state-of-the-art and work well in a wide variety of settings, including those involving firewater, hydrocarbons, cargo handling, bilge, ballasts, and more.

Our guarantee of quality speaks for itself. Because of the oil and gas industry’s strict standards, our high-performance valves are built to the highest safety standards.

The company’s leadership adheres to modern production practices, constant upgrades and improvements to both current and new systems.

Operating with 8 production lines now and a proposed 15 production lines by 2022, we strive hard to shorten the production time, hence providing quick delivery.

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We are a leading supplier of manufacturing and design services for industrial valves. We have a department that checks the quality, and if there are any problems with the quality within a year of the purchase, we will replace it for free.

Make sure everything passes inspection and testing before shipping

Investing in research, optimizing processes, improving structures, and improving quality

Before placing an order, feel free to try some of our products on the house

Convenient seaport shipment and standard carton boxes and plywood export cases

Provide a third-party quality inspection on customer's requirements

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We are a prestigious the ball valve manufacturer from China.XINTAI is registered with the following governmental agencies:


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What Our Customers Say

"Xintai has always provided us with high-quality goods. These valves were very well-made and long-lasting. Our upstream factory is situated in a harsh environment, yet the valves there are built to last and work reliably no matter what.”
John Collins
“I have supplied ball valves to numerous oil refineries in the Middle East as a ball valves dealer. The valves are a great value, and all of my customers are satisfied with their purchase.”
Edson Clark
Hands down the best valve manufacturers in the world. They have been consistently manufacturing quality products. The service level provided was right on par with the product quality.
Peter Maining


Most frequent questions and answers

Ball valves are widely used for isolation purposes as they can attain positive shut off due to the soft seats.

Ball and gate valves both function to block flow, gate is most commonly used however ball is a better choice for some particular applications. They have significant physical differences. Gate valves open by lifting a gate out of the path of the service fluid, ball valves have a stem and a ball that turn horizontally.

Soft-seal ball valves are not normally used for throttling service because the valve seats are subject to erosion or displacement when the valve is not fully open or fully closed

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