Carbon Steel Ball Valve

Xintai Carbon Steel Ball Valve

Our carbon steel ball valves provide effective flow control solutions for industries in oil and gas and other petrochemical companies. 


Using a simple 90-degree lever rotation, its interior ball design allows, obstructs, and controls the flow of liquid and gas in a piping system with a small turning torque for tight sealing, ensuring safety and efficient management.


With continuous product development and improvement, Xintai’s carbon steel ball valves can now be used not only in switching and shut-off valves but also for throttling and V-type valve models.

Plus, the company uses one of the strongest materials called carbon steel which is known for its tensile and yield strength, preventing the valve from erosion, rust, and premature damage.

Thanks to vacuum technology, Xintai’s ball valve products are also 100% impurity-free and long-lasting. 

Why Choose Xintai Brand?

Comprehensive Product Line

From carbon steel ball valves to strainers, Xintai offers a wide range of 100+ industrial products for oil and gas, and other petrochemical industries.

Advanced Technology Application

Xintai uses state-of-the-art equipment from simulation analysis to product development, ensuring that vital product functions and optimal efficiency are delivered and secured.

Extensive Manufacturing & Quality Control

We only employ the best people and take advantage of our top-tier machinery to provide valve products with the highest quality

Professional Sales & Service Team

From product inquiry to delivery, we ensure that our clientele gets excellent service and overall accommodation, offering free replacements within a 12-month warranty.

Proven Valve Industry Leadership

With over 10 years of industry expertise, Xintai has established strong and long-lasting partnerships with local and international companies, such as Petronas, Sinochem, and Parco.

ISO-Certified Service Provider

Xintai fully operates and provides valve products that meet global standards, such as ISO9001:2008, and local safety and quality certifications (API6D and AZ).

About Us

Xintai is a leading and fast-moving valve manufacturer in China boasting an average production of 270,000+ industrial units per year, including carbon steel ball valves and strainers.

Our wide range of ISO-certified valve products provides effective, fast-switching, and easy-control flow control solutions that meet the needs of our oil and gas industry partners.

We Are Here to Answer All Your Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Xintai 4 Way Ball Valve

A carbon steel ball valve is a type of valve used in plumbing systems that controls the flow of liquids and gases and is made from a strong material called carbon steel. It allows fluids and gases to pass through a piping system, controls the volume of flow, and/or completely shuts it off. Carbon steel ball valves can be used anywhere, from huge construction companies to factories and even at home because of their durable carbon steel material.

Valves have 7 different types, namely: ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, needle valves, check valves, and plug valves. These types of valves have different designs in flow control management that depend on usage, purpose, and specific industry needs (i.e. oil and gas, healthcare, plumbing, construction, etc.).

The primary difference between a carbon steel ball valve and the one made of stainless steel is its cost. While both steel types are extremely durable, carbon steel is usually cheaper than stainless steel. Plus, ball valves that are made of carbon steel have strong endurance to heat, preventing early damage.  

One of the most commonly used materials in ball valves manufacturing is carbon steel. This material is widely used in residential and industrial settings because of its availability, durability, and affordability. Carbon steel ball valves can be the strongest in the market depending on the carbon content used. However, carbon steel valve manufacturers like Xintai offer customized models to meet industry needs properly.

The advantages of carbon steel ball valves in plumbing are their pressure or temperature resistance and cost. Whether used in residential or industrial settings, carbon steel ball valves can handle liquids at high pressure and flow rate without damaging easily. Plus, carbon steel ball valves are one of the most affordable options in the market and are widely used by many household owners and factories alike

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Carbon steel ball valves are one of the most vital requirements for industrial companies in terms of convenient flow control management. With a simple yet compact 90-degree lever control, Xintai’s carbon steel ball valves meet the crucial standards of quality in fluid and gas distribution in various pressure and flow rate levels of up to 320 gauge, ensuring safety in various industrial operations in oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, commercial housing, and other petrochemical facilities. Plus, Xintai’s advanced machinery and vacuum technology condition each valve unit, preserving the carbon steel’s tensile and yield strength during its lifespan.


What is the Difference Between a Carbon Steel Ball Valve and One Made With Stainless Steel?

First of All, What is a Valve?

A valve is an equipment used in plumbing that regulates the flow of fluid and gases through a piping system. With a handle on top of the valve, you can allow fluids to pass through a pipe, control pressure and flow rate, or completely shut it off. This industrial equipment is commonly used in households, pharmaceuticals, and oil and gas companies.


Furthermore, the types of valves and materials used slightly differ in terms of usage and features. And between the two most commonly used materials by valve manufacturing companies, we will quickly discuss the primary difference between ball valves and gate valves in this blog.

The Key Difference Between a Carbon Steel Ball Valve and a Stainless Steel One

Carbon Steel Ball Valves

Valves made of carbon steel are one of the widely used materials in the plumbing industry today.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of carbon steel-made ball valves in the table below.



Carbon steel is made of a high-quality metal alloy that is similar to the properties of stainless steel.

Valves made of carbon steel are more prone to rust than stainless steel types.

Carbon steel ball valves have a stable resistance to heat because of their high carbon content.

Since carbon steel is very strong and can’t be easily bent, it will be difficult to repair them. However, ball valve manufacturers like Xintai offer replacements within the 12-month warranty.

Valves made of carbon steel can be used in many applications that need powerful and efficient output.


Carbon steel ball valves are more cost-effective than other types used in the industry.


Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Ball valves made of stainless steel are another common material used in valve manufacturing industries for various applications.

Read below to learn more about stainless steel ball valves’ advantages and drawbacks.



Stainless steel contains chromium that serves as a layer of protection from moisture, leading to rusting on the surface.

Stainless steel materials can be more costly than other types.

This type of steel is also cold and heat-resistant.

It may require more advanced technology or machinery to successfully produce a stainless steel industrial product.

Gives a shiny finish and can be more easily cleaned and maintained than other types.

Stainless steel is more commonly used in kitchenware products.

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