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Cryogenic Valve Collection

Cryogenic valves are capable of withstanding extremely low temperatures and functioning as intended. They are used in different industries, including the oil and gas and aerospace sectors, where it is necessary to handle fluids at lower temperatures. Although each industry has its own definition of a cryogenic temperature, it is usual to see cryogenic valves work between -40°F (-40°C) to -320°F (-195.5°C). Further:

Lightweight valves are preferable for cryogenic applications because they are quicker to cool from ambient to cryogenic temperatures.

Lighter cryogenic valves often have lower conductivities than heavier bodies, which helps to limit heat inflow.

  • Lubricant-free cryogenic valves or those that use lubricants appropriate for cold duty should be assembled in a clean environment.

Cryogenic Valve Products at a Glance

Cryogenic media require several types of cryogenic valves. Each kind has unique properties that make it ideal for some purposes but not others.

Cryogenic Gate Valve

Cryogenic gate valves use a wedge-type gate as the obturator, which moves closer to the mating body seat. They offer good flow properties, like ball valves, but are limited by wear and tear.

Cryogenic Globe Valve

These valves, as named because of their spherical form, include a moving disc called the obturator that spins at a 90-degree angle to the plane of the coordinated body seat. These cryogenic valves provide improved long-term sealing performance stability but are moisture-prone and ineffective in applications where the flow rate is critical.

Cryogenic Check Valve

Cryogenic check valves from XINTAI, such as double disc or swing check valves, are made for flow requirements in process industries. A check valve is a valve that typically only permits fluid to flow in one way through it. Most check valves lack valve handles because they typically function automatically without operators or control.

Cryogenic Ball Valve

These valves typically have a low temp sustainable body seat and a ball acting as the obturator. They are more prone to wear and tear along their seals and the ball itself, but they offer superior flow characteristics than globe valves. They are most useful in applications where a free flow channel is required.

Cryogenic Valves Standards

XINTAI produces valves based on BS 6364, MSS SP-134, ISO 21011, ISO 10497, ASME B16.34 standards. Some of these standards are briefed here:

MSS SP-134

The MSS SP-134 is the most often used code in North America. It specifies the criteria for cryogenic valves with body/bonnet extensions in terms of design, material, dimensions, manufacturing, non-destructive and pressure testing.

BS 6364

This British Standard defines the criteria for the design, production, and testing of cryogenic valves.

ISO 21011

This international standard specifies the criteria for the cryogenic fluid valves’ design, production, and inspection.

Unique Features of XINTAI Cryogenic Valves

XINTAI Valve Group Co., LTD has been supplying cryogenic valves since 1998. We offer cryogenic ball valves, cryogenic gate valves, cryogenic check valves, and cryogenic globe valves. XINTAI Valve Group has swiftly expanded over the years to become one of the world’s leading cryogenic valve manufacturers. Our cryogenic valves are shipped globally, including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, etc.

We have certified our quality management system according to ISO 9001, CE, API, OHSAS 18001, and domestic TS security.

Global industries rely on XINTAI valves as a producer of industrial valves that also offers specialized solutions

Since 1998, we have gained substantial experience maximizing the quality and affordability of cryogenic valves.

The annual production capacity of XINTAI is more than 270K valves.

Why choose us?

XINTAI cryogenic valves meet various requirements and incorporate unique aesthetics and manufacturing processes. Our industry follows tight domestic and international emission regulations. The XINTAI Valve Group’s high-quality cryogenic globe, ball, check, butterfly, and other valve types are utilized in a wide range of sectors, including oil, petrochemicals, food processing pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pulp and paper, nuclear power, and so on.

Simple seaport shipment, typical carton boxes, and plywood export cases

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We certify that all goods have passed testing and inspection conditions before shipment

Provide a third-party quality inspection on customer's requirements

A superior after-sales system provides timely, dependable service as well as market domination benefits

About Us

XINTAI cryogenic valves integrate cutting-edge design, engineering, and manufacturing technologies. Our sector complies with stringent national and international emission laws. XINTAI Valve Group is a significant industrial manufacturer and supplier of the high-quality cryogenic globe, ball, check, butterfly, and other valve types used in a wide range of industries, including:

XINTAI Cryogenic Valve Supplier

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High-Quality Products

We follow stringent measures and dual inspections in accordance with world standards. We are committed to high-quality manufacturing using advanced detection equipment and precise testing methods.

Field Maintenance

Customized solutions

With a capacity of producing 2,70,000 valves annually, we work round the clock to provide custom-made valves as per our client's needs. From material to size and design to applications, everything can be customized

Customized Solutions

Field maintenance

Accurate installation and proper maintenance of the valve are imperative in maintaining a safe industrial environment. Your safety is our priority.

Reliable Customer Support

Reliable Customer Support

At Xintai we are devoted to excellent customer service. You can rely on us for queries, doubts or any other issues related to our product and service. Our team is always available online, on calls or face to face to serve you better

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We are a prestigious the Cryogenic valve manufacturer from China.XINTAI is registered with the following governmental agencies:


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I was looking for the best quality cryogenic gate valves for a private jet container I make for a client. XINTAI had what I required at the best quality and saved a repeat customer.
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Most frequent questions and answers

Cryogenic valves for industrial uses are available in a range of sizes and pressure classes. Sizes typically vary from 1/8 inch to 88 inches (3 mm to 2240 mm). Cryogenic valves have pressure ratings ranging from ultra-high vacuum conditions to 700 bar.

Typical cryogenic valves include specifically constructed globe, gate, ball, and butterfly valves. As a result, selecting the appropriate type of cryogenic valve for the application is critical. In cryogenic service, there are no stringent criteria regarding valve type. However, there is a preference for quarter-turn ball valves and triple offset butterfly valves

The fundamental issue with cryogenic valves is that any fluid leaking into the atmosphere via gaskets or gland seals degrades the valve and connected component functioning. Furthermore, such leaking at the valve stem will generate localized ice, which may cause the valve-operating mechanism to seize.

Cryogenic valves are used in low-temperature applications (-195 to -40 °C) in the following areas:

  • LNG transportation networks
  • Liquefaction plants for LNG
  • Industry of food and beverages
  • Petrochemical and chemical plants
  • Plants for air separation
  • Aerospace storage facilities
  • Research facilities

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