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JIS Valve Collection

JIS valves comply with the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). These are often seen on vessels and pipelines designed under JIS. JIS valves are used in Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries for different purposes.

XINTAI Valve Group offers JIS valves with ratings of 5K, 10K, 16K, and 20K, according to the materials used, in vast size ranges.

The JIS valve material range mainly consists of Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, and Forged Steel. Our product range offers JIS Gate Valve, Check Valve, Globe Valve, Ball Valve, and Y Strainer. We also offer a custom solution on request.

JIS Valve Products at a Glance

The XINTAI valve group offers an extensive selection of JIS valves across several subcategories. Our casting line is highly developed and offers customized solutions.

JIS Gate Valve

The XINTAI valve group manufactures JIS gate valves based on cast steel, stainless steel, and forged steel with pressure ratings of 5K to 20K. These valves include a flange connection within the screwed stem and a non-rising handwheel.

JIS Check Valve

JIS check valves, also referred to as one-way valves, are commonly used to prevent backflow in JIS-based oil and gas pipelines. Check valves are simple, cost-effective, and quick solutions to potential problems. Check valves are two-port valves, meaning each body aperture has its entrance and output.

JIS Globe Valve

JIS globe valves with pressure ratings of 10K and 20K are available in straight and angle designs and with different materials. They have a JIS 10K and 20K flange connection, a screwed stem and a rising handwheel.

JIS Ball Valve

The XINTAI ball valve meets the design, production, and testing standards of JIS B 2002 and JIS B 2032. The JIS 10K ball valve, made for gas, petrochemical, and oil applications, is one of the most popular ball valves on the market.

JIS Y Strainer

Y-Strainers are devices that use a perforated or wire mesh straining component to mechanically remove undesired materials from gas, liquid, or steam lines. They are used in pipelines to secure process equipment such as meters, control valves, pumps, regulators, steam traps, etc.

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The DIN valves are threaded valves manufactured by experts in the field who believe in delivering quality, durability, and the latest technology. The product range includes industrial valves manufactured following the DIN standards.

Prominent Features of XINTAI JIS Valves

XINTAI Valve Group Co., LTD, a professional valve manufacturer, was founded in 1998 and combined R&D, casting, manufacturing, and sales. The factory has a 32,000 square-meter footprint. The two primary casting bases have a total area of 9,800 square meters. Furthermore, due to the increased demand for XINTAI valves, a new 28,000 square-meter facility has been constructed and equipped. JIS valves meet JIS B 2002 and JIS B 2032 standards.

We have certified our quality management system according to ISO 9001, CE, API, OHSAS 18001, and domestic TS security.

As a manufacturer of industrial valves that also provides specialized solutions, XINTAI’s casting industry valves are trusted by industries all over the world.

We have vast experience optimizing JIS Valves quality and cost since 1998.

XINTAI has a 270K valves yearly production capacity.

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We are a leading supplier of manufacturing and design services for industrial valves. We have a department that checks the quality, and if there are any problems with the quality within a year of the purchase, we will replace it for free.

Make sure everything passes inspection and testing before shipping

Investing in research, optimizing processes, improving structures, and improving quality

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Convenient seaport shipment and standard carton boxes and plywood export cases

Provide a third-party quality inspection on customer's requirements

About Us

XINTAI JIS valves integrate cutting-edge design, engineering, and manufacturing technologies. Our sector complies with stringent national and international emission laws. XINTAI Valve Group is a significant industrial manufacturer and supplier of the high-quality JIS globe, ball, check, butterfly, and other valve types used in a wide range of industries, including:

XINTAI JIS Valve Supplier

A plethora of services for JIS Valves.

highquality din product

High-Quality Products

We follow stringent measures and dual inspections in accordance with world standards. We are committed to high-quality manufacturing using advanced detection equipment and precise testing methods.

Field Maintenance

Customized solutions

With a capacity of producing 2,70,000 valves annually, we work round the clock to provide custom-made valves as per our client's needs. From material to size and design to applications, everything can be customized

Customized Solutions

Field maintenance

Accurate installation and proper maintenance of the valve are imperative in maintaining a safe industrial environment. Your safety is our priority.

Reliable Customer Support

Reliable Customer Support

At Xintai we are devoted to excellent customer service. You can rely on us for queries, doubts or any other issues related to our product and service. Our team is always available online, on calls or face to face to serve you better

Our Certificate

We are a prestigious the JIS valve manufacturer from China.XINTAI is registered with the following governmental agencies:


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I needed a dozen of ball valves for a project and received them in 3 days! I received the valves quite quickly and at the lowest price online. XINTAI was happy to accept a discount on my transaction in addition to their already inexpensive rates!
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