What Are Globe Valves Used For

Nowadays, most industries are using high-tech and modern types of valves to enhance production and operation.

Out of all the other types of industrial valves, globe valves are widely used in the oil, gas and fuel industries.

There are many uses of this type of valve as it works to stop as well as regulate the flow of liquids. If you want to know more about globe valves and their uses, follow this article.

What Are Globe Valves?

It is a type of linear motion valve which is used in different types of industries. It is designed in a way that you can use it for throttling as well. 

It has a spherical shape like a globe and comes with a disc. The disc moves in order to block as well as allow the flow of substances. When you close the valve, the disc entirely covers the pathway to stop the flow of fluids.

However, when you open the valve, the disc moves upwards in order to clear the pathway and allows substances to flow freely. It is mostly used for isolation and throttling purposes.

This type of industrial valves has good shutoff capability. You can use it to prevent leakages. Apart from that, it also offers good throttling capacity.

The stroke is shorter, which makes it easy to use and maintain. It is available in different types and designs. 

Applications and Uses of Globe Valves:

Globe valves have many applications. It is used for industrial as well as domestic purposes. The majority of the industries with plumbing needs use this type of valve. Here are some applications and uses of globe valves. 

Cooling Water Systems:

A globe valve helps maintain the heat and cooling of the system by regulating the flow. It helps in the adjustment of the temperature of the system in relation to the demand of heat or cool by taking the measurement of the changes in pressure. As a result, a valve regulates the amount of heat produced by the boiler. 

Fuel Oil Systems: 

A Globe Valve is a very important component of fuel oil systems. It helps to prevent and control the rate at which gasoline is burnt in an engine, thus enabling the engine to maintain a constant pressure of fuel at all times. It is usually found on the side of the engine near the firewall. It has a round-shaped body and has two cones on its side. 

Chemical Feed Systems:

A Globe valve is one of the important parts of chemical feed systems. It helps in the complete process of converting the feed mixture into a liquid, and it also helps in the separation of solids from the liquid mixture. A Globe valve has a piston, and it is rotatable. In this, the piston moves up and down due to the increase and decrease in pressure. 

Boiler, Main Stem Vents and Drains:

The globe valve is used in main steam and boiler rooms and drains as well. They can be used for controlling the amount of steam that enters a room from outside, regulate the water temperature in the boiler or condensate drain, or act as a thermostatic valve. It is commonly used in the hot water tank to prevent the loss of hot water from the tank through the pipes.

Turbine Lube Oil System:

A globe valve is used in a turbine lube oil system as it allows the flow of turbine oil to be limited to a single point. The oil is pumped by means of a turbine into a sump tank that is located above the turbine.


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