21 May,2024

Top 6 Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in the World

Posted by Kelvin

When advanced flow control, reliability, and safety matter most in high-risk fluid handling, specifiers globally turn to triple-offset butterfly valves. With a unique eccentric disc operation that achieves bubble-tight bi-directional shutoff at lower operating torques, these sophisticated valves outperform across volatile chemical, oil and gas, and other demanding services.  Butterfly Valve Manufacturers – Top 6 […]

17 May,2024

Double Eccentric vs Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves: What is the Difference?

Posted by Kelvin

Butterfly valves are versatile flow control devices found across countless industrial piping systems. But when selecting between double and triple eccentric designs, what key differences should factor into your decision? We break down the distinguishing features. While the basic construction looks similar, subtle differences in rotor geometry impart significant performance advantages to each butterfly valve […]