16 Sep,2022

How Do You Test An Actuator Valve?

Posted by Roy

There are a variety of ways to test an actuator valve. Some manufacturers require that all valves be tested by using a specific test method.  Others, like Emerson, don’t require any tests at all.  However, if you’re in the business of manufacturing valves, you should be familiar with the test methods and know how to […]

27 Jul,2022

What Is A Multi-Port Ball Valve?

Posted by Roy

There are a variety of different types of multi-port ball valve available. Each type has different functions and features. Multiport ball valves can be purchased in three-way, four-way, or five-way configurations. They come in several types of body materials, such as stainless steel and carbon steel. A Multiport ball valve replaces several 2-way valves in […]

20 Jul,2022

What Is PTFE Ball Valve?

Posted by Roy

A PTFE ball valve is a versatile part of many industrial processes, allowing liquid or gas to flow through the valve. It can rotate 90 degrees and is sealed at both ends with solid sides. Its durable design ensures that no leaks will occur. The material is known as PTFE, which is the same as […]