14 Dec,2023

Valves Used In The Oil And Gas Industry 2023: A Complete Guide

Posted by Roy

There are many different types of industrial valves. The best valves are designed to allow for a smooth and uninterrupted flow of liquids and gases. You can find quality valves from leading brands at the best prices at Modernizing Trends. You will find that their valves are designed to last a long time. So, what […]

11 Dec,2023

Best 10 Gate Valve Manufacturers in India

Posted by Roy

If you’re at the helm of an industrial project, navigating the intricate world of valves isn’t a new thing anymore. However, your success hinges on finding the perfect gate valve suppliers in India – a task that feels like searching for a needle in a haystack.  As the heartbeat of your project relies on the […]

10 Feb,2023

How Is A Manual Bronze Shut Off Gate Valve Made?

Posted by Kelvin

Bronze valves are typically manufactured for industrial applications, as well as those for marine and petrochemical industries. They have a variety of features, ranging from solid wedge design to spring-loaded, and are suitable for progressive or directional closing. Generally, the internal parts of these valves are subject to considerable stress, which leads to corrosion and […]

28 Dec,2022

Five Reasons to Choose a Fully Welded Ball Valve Over a Standard Ball Valve

Posted by Kelvin

A fully welded ball valve is built with a high-pressure cap welded onto both sides. A pressure test valve is then installed, and a small amount of water is injected into the valve. This pressure is set to 1.5 times the nominal ball valve pressure and maintained for 15 minutes. This test is designed to […]

27 Dec,2022

Ball Valve Manufacturing Companies In Italy

Posted by Kelvin

A ball valve is a device used to control the flow of fluid. It has a perforated, hollow ball at the center that pivots. When the hole in the ball lines up with the flow inlet, the ball valve is open. The valve can be closed by pivoting the ball handle 90 degrees. Ball valves […]

16 Sep,2022

How Do You Test An Actuator Valve?

Posted by Roy

There are a variety of ways to test an actuator valve. Some manufacturers require that all valves be tested by using a specific test method.  Others, like Emerson, don’t require any tests at all.  However, if you’re in the business of manufacturing valves, you should be familiar with the test methods and know how to […]

27 Jul,2022

What Is A NPT Ball Valve?

Posted by Roy

NPT stands for National Pipe Thread, and the size of this connection is important if you need to fit the ball in a small space. It is the most common ball valve type and can be found in many different applications. These valves are also very flexible and allow you to install them anywhere you […]

27 Jul,2022

What Is A Multi-Port Ball Valve?

Posted by Roy

There are a variety of different types of multi-port ball valve available. Each type has different functions and features. Multiport ball valves can be purchased in three-way, four-way, or five-way configurations. They come in several types of body materials, such as stainless steel and carbon steel. A Multiport ball valve replaces several 2-way valves in […]

20 Jul,2022

What Are The Parts Of A Ball Valve?

Posted by Roy

A ball valve is a two-part system consisting of a stem and a rotating ball. The stem connects the actuator and ball. The stem enlarges the ball, allowing it to rotate. A ball valve’s body is usually rectangular in shape, with an enlarged rectangular section at the ball end. The stem also helps position the […]